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Workshop byzantine hagiography
The workshop EIKONOGRAFIES created by love and interest to Byzantine hagiography, especially the style of the Cretan School. Thereafter was enriched with other works of different styles and schools of distinguished hagiographers. Each hagiography created with handmade way!

After we studied for a long time near the hagiographers monks of the Monastery of the Archangel Michael, of Pella, we decided to create a place where every believer can be ordered hagiography the Saint who would like to have at home. All hagiographies are unique. We also painting churches and religious sites. The materials we use are the traditional colors of powder and egg tempera. That you should know is, from the beginning to the completion of the project, the entire process made with hand in the old traditional way.


Prices for iconography order

The first thing we wanted when we created the workshop EIKONOGRAFIES was on icons to access and to have the possibility to acquire all believers, regardless of their financial position. With this in mind we created for our top three categories to choose your own image. Iconography created exclusively for you, whichever category you choose, it will be handmade and in the traditional manner illustrated.

(prices listed on icons with a person. From category to category, apart from the obvious changes described, change the lighting, lines and generally the time you devote to the hagiographer project completion).

20Χ25 240€ 540€
30Χ40 290€ 620€
55Χ80 (Τεμπλο) 660€ 1230€


In the category of angels touch is a saint full body or bust, the halo as the background is gold leaf 22 carat. Here there is more emphasis on colors and lines. A project to beautify and calms your place, and certainly a point of reference and attention.



Here the saint is surrounded bust or full body polished 22-carat gold, the halo and background is decorated with the technical Tsoukanas. Here the lines thicken, multiply and illuminate the detail is an integral piece of hagiography. A masterpiece of religious artwork with the unique glow of polished gold. This class is intended for the few, discerning the perfect result and knowledgeable of the detail of Byzantine iconography.

* Prices do not include 24% tax


Some of our projects

See some of the works of hagiographers in our workshop.


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By prior arrangement, we can create the desired hagiography in various sizes with or without polishing, as with or without a Stefani tsoukanas or tsoukanas background in natural wood or sea plywood.

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